What is the AWS Certified Certified Solutions Architect — Associate exam?

AWS Certificate Roadmap. Source: https://aws.amazon.com/certification/

The AWS Certified Certified Solutions Architect — Associate (AWSSA-A) is one of 3 certificates corresponding to 3 career paths for personnels working with the AWS platform, including Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator. Each career path has 2 levels of profession: Associate and Professional.

When working on projects utilizing AWS…

View from the Office

How my 4-month summer internship turned into a 1-year full-time job

It was a cool spring afternoon in New London, CT, mid-March. I was sitting in my bedroom, trying to make sense of why my changes in the CSS file did not take effect on my personal website when I had this notification, the one that drifted my next year toward…

Caching is the operation of storing known data somewhere for reduced retrieval time in possible future usage. In this article, let’s familiarize ourselves with Memcached, a high-performance, distributed caching system currently used to speed up distributed web applications.

I. Caching in Distributed Systems

Caching is a pivotal aspect to consider when writing applications, especially large-scale…

Imagine you are in the middle of a Math exam where, to your surprise, you come across a really familiar question, which you think you have seen in the practice test. “Can’t be that easy,” you think; checking the question data and numbers, you find out that it’s exactly the…

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CS & Math @ Conn

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