Spoiler alert: No, it’s not.


Token-based Authentication

How I passed the AWS SAA-C02 exam in less than 2 months

What is the AWS Certified Certified Solutions Architect — Associate exam?

AWS Certificate Roadmap. Source: https://aws.amazon.com/certification/

Key takeaways, both technical and non-technical

View from the Office

How my 4-month summer internship turned into a 1-year full-time job

Use cache to reduce resource access time

I. Caching in Distributed Systems

Cache through the lens of history

I. Historical Context

Processor — Memory gap through the years. Source: https://www.forrestthewoods.com/blog/memory-bandwidth-napkin-math/

What you need to know about the architecture behind the World Wide Web


Convert custom objects into JSON and vice versa

Photo by @joyfulcaptures on unsplash.com


class Person:
def __init__(self, name, age):
self.name = name
self.age = age
person = Person(name='Bill', age=19)
return_value = {
'name': person.name,
'age': person.age

Abstract database interactions with ORM

Source: photo by bqthanh on kipalog.com

Bill Tran

CS & Math @ Conn

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